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For Our Humboldt Frontline Workers & Volunteers

For Our Humboldt Frontline Workers & Volunteers

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  • Roy's Vinaigrette 
  • Beck's Crackers 
  • Monastery Honey Assorted 
  • Dick Taylor Chocolate Dipped & Dusted Almonds 
  • Lacey's Cookies 
  • Larrupin's Mustard Dill Sauce 
  • Mad River Farm Jam 
  • Humboldt's Finest 2oz 
  • Bear River Valley Beef Salami 5oz (Behind the Coffee)
  • Hum Yum Caramel Sauce 

  • Fish Brothers Salmon Jerky 
  • Redwood Tree 
  • Green Melt Away Mints 

We will deliver or ship this gift box to any nurses station Nationwide! Make their day! Send some local products their way!