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Ultimate Humbolicious!

Ultimate Humbolicious!

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Ultimate Humbolicious! contains a great selection of Humboldt chef’s favorites and condiments to fill your cupboard with delicious award-winning flavors. Buy today and discover why it's so popular.

  • Tomaso’s  Pasta Sauce
  • Rummo Pasta
  • Fish Brothers Fish Jerky 1.0 (not shown)
  • Mad River Farm Jam 
  • Diane's Sweet Heat 
  • Larrupin' Swedish Mustard Dill Sauce 
  • Redwood Roast Roasted Coffee 12oz 
  • Scandia Tuna 
  • Lacey's Cookies 
  • Sjaak’s Chocolate Bar
  • Sjaak’s Melt Away Mill’s 
  • Monastery Honey
    • Ted & Barney’s Seasoning

    Please visit our “Add-on” section if you like to add any of our local treasures to enhance your gift.